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In this post, we will discuss: why we all loved Aquascape. Frankly first at the beginning of Aquascaping hobbies, I have often sat quietly looking at Aquascape for hours. A lot of friends all like that as well, I am sure :p. There are reasons why we like Aquascape. Besides of its beauty as miniature landscapes and can provide a sense of comfort and calm, Aquascape also trains our patience. Patience to see the plants that we planted grow from day to day, fish that getting bigger, and algae that thrive (this is due to under-treated). The satisfaction we get when we make Aquascape lush and green may like the feeling when we raise a child. A certain satisfaction that may not be redeemed for cash.

keep calm and love aquascape

In addition to the things mentioned above, Aquascape trains our ability to be thorough and creative in designing a landscape. Based on our experiences if we make Aquascape, within an interval of one week we felt there was less of the landscape that we made. It makes us want to dismantle the Aquascape. So Aquascape trains us to be more careful and creative so that when the tank finished we feel satisfied. And we do not need to waste the energy to unpack again.


And one more thing, go into the new hobby in this case Aquascape can give us activity, which with the activity makes us divert ourselves from things that are less good. Examples: remembering your ex, getting fired, drug, and anything else. But seriously, with Aquascape does distract us from the things that are less good. Besides, Aquascape for me personally trains our emotions to be more calm and patient. Aquascape shortcomings, in my opinion, is the equipment that is expensive, especially for its CO2 equipment as well as LED lights (hahaha I’m running out money my dear fellow). But it does not diminish our love for Aquascape.

That’s some of the benefits and the reason you and me liked Aquascape. If there is a reason or other benefits, please add in the comments field. I’m waiting for your comments. In 2016, I hope our blog can still provide useful information about Aquascape. Keep calm and love aquascape guys. Cheers!

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